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Nov 26, 2012 1:00am EST
will help us to understand iraq war afghanistan -- of guinness dan. it is works like this that would help. >>host: "in buddha's company" thai soldiers in the vietnam war." . . day professor at the naval academy. thank you for your time. >>host: you may recognize him from a former book and he is back with a new book on the potomac river. where does it start and end? >> it starts in fairfax near west virginia a tiny little circle and it then that point* look out when the river is 12 miles wide and in between there is history. it is where our nation in europe. it also has the nation's capital. >>host: people think about the white house and the potomac river. why is that? >> they think of washington d.c. are the national monument why do they think of of potomac river? >> for those in the area is seen as an obstacle as they drive over or under it i wanted to stress we have an incredible natural resource there are very few levies we have bald eagles it is not solely clean but we work on that and b
Nov 24, 2012 8:45pm EST
assets to another. [laughter] amid the dangerous period fannie appointed a new ceo. dan mud. son of roger mud, the tv newscaster. he was an ex-marine, decorated for a dangerous mission in lebanon. now he was stepping in to another mine field. mud saw his job as cleaning up the accounting mess. making nice with the critics of fannie may, meeting the goals for affordable housing loans which had been increased further under president bush and competing with wall street in the mortgage market. wall street was crazy about mortgage especially the riskier kinds. they were profitable. wall street was taking away more and more of the business from fannie and freddie. mud and the colleagues were worried that fannie night become irrelevant. so what should they do? should they go and buy the same kind of crazy mortgages that wall street was buying? or should they step back from the market and wait for a new outbreak of insanity? mud and the colleagues knew that the risks were growing in the housing market. but they underestimated how much worst things could get and they were red blooded american busi
Nov 25, 2012 11:00pm EST
phenomenon is the growing sense how can they feel victimized? there is a man named dan who was an activist investor. becoming the ceo of yahoo! but december 2010 he said to be mailed to his friends and the subject heading was battered wives. to except the and abuse of president obama the email says written in the voice of a battered wife he really loves us when he hit the seed is not needed and most of the time the bruises do not show. seriously. another man named tj rogers investor of a semiconductor company said he feels the victim and -- victimization of the super turk -- super rich is so extreme they are like the depressed ethnic minority. the president should be ashamed to treat them this way because he knows what it is like. truth. for the hitler analogy? it is just commonplace. with a carried interest is a particular benefit famously comparing himself to invading poland and then as part of getting my book out there which by the way there are so many parallels with the rise of barack obama and hitler. he said i did not mean to compare them but there are a lot of parallels. it is very
Nov 25, 2012 4:30pm EST
, was this an atomic bomb? dan kim the line, how long until we can make money? is hardly the response of somebody looking for a way to surrender. truman intended to show japan that he would use any weapon at our disposal. there was no atomic diplomacy. he wanted to show the japanese it was surrender or die. became a temporary victory the principles of american exceptionalism worldwide. unlike all previous empires commit the u.s. is unwilling to dominate the free world delete previous pictures had. the postwar world asked if america fisheries resources unreservedly, restrain itself economically and rebuild her former friends and enemies enthusiastically. this in turn would produce well in western europe. all provided by the protection of the american military. that will suddenly share would in turn provoked the very institutions and disciplines needed to maintain, let alone expand freedom and prosperity for others. i want to mention for a moment the role of the soviet union in world war ii and take this on as a challenge to prevailing wisdom. after 1942 the red army overwhelmed the and men insane.
Nov 26, 2012 6:30am EST
question. okay. >> my name is dan. just reef -- the republicans have made ronald reagan an icon as a great defender of freedom of expression and private rights. and thanks to your good work -- >> that should be thoroughly debunked. the other thing is we all know how, during the mccarthy era, the right wing and the people accuse people of being communist dupes. now the left is engage in the same certain things that we heard it here tonight trying to do the same thing to you, and i regret that profound that you're an extraordinary research. the question i have also deals with the black panthers. the black panthers needed some help with their books, and "ramparts" magazine editor was asked to send a bookkeeper over, and it was betty van patten. she saw that the panthers were -- elaine brown, we now know through wonderful works of the great african-american author hugh pearson, adam, a former publisher of ramparts, excuse me, "mother jones," we now know that the panthers had her murdered it and i'm wondering if in the researching a book you came across any further evidence of the fbi perhaps b
Nov 24, 2012 12:00pm EST
get out here, that's what you're still doing. you just keep rolling with that same thing. >> dan think and kelly, you -- danny and kelly, you guys, obviously -- i don't really know you guys, i don't know what your sort of priorities were before you got involved in this case, but, i mean, how has this changed, how has this changed you guys? >> yeah. >> kelly just said turned us into people. she didn't have the mic on. >> yeah, exactly. that was funny, the first time that we visited damien, you know, they bring him in, and his, you know, his hands are behind his back, and he's got his back to the door where they're unlocking him, and it's almost comical because you can tell right away when you meet him that he's so, that he's harmless. and besides being a pretty good con man, i'm also a minor criminal, and so it was -- [laughter] the fact that he was in prison and i was on this side of the glass was, you know, laughable in a ways. [laughter] but the -- i would say really for me, like, i always admired activism or activists and especially fond of, like, the '60s counterculture fellas, and
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)